Erin Go Bragh - Irish and Celtic Henna Designs

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Erin Go Bragh contains 20 pages with 24 Irish and Celtic inspired henna designs, 10 Irish Gaelic words and phrases in a script based on the Book of Kells, and 25 Ogham characters for writing names the ancient Irish way.

These Irish and Celtic designs are unique in that they can all be drawn freehand, without the aid of watercolor pencils, transfers, or other drawing aids. The knotwork designs are carefully laid out in such a way that these devices are unnecessary.

The designs are perfect for Irish festivals, Celtic music festivals, St. Patrick's Day, and Pagan festivals.

Some of the motifs you'll find within include:

  • Irish harp
  • Shamrocks aplenty - knotwork, swirly, Gulf inspired, $5 mini shamrocks, etc
  • Triskeles (triple swirl)
  • Four Leaf Clover
  • Knotwork Heart
  • Knotwork Jewelry
  • Celtic Crosses
  • Claddagh
  • Knotwork Butterflies
  • Lucky Horseshoe
  • Ogham Alphabet
  • Irish Gaelic Words (peace, love, faith, beautiful, hope, etc)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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