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The designs you’ll find in this book are all specifically designed to allow you to enjoy and share the beauty of traditional Polynesian/Pacific designs, while not wearing the Taa Moko of any particular person or tribe . Traditional Maori Taa Moko and Polynesian/Pacific tattoo are the visual expressions of an individual’s genealogical history. The patterns within Taa Moko and Polynesian/Pacific tattoo are representative of specific events, ancestors and bloodlines belonging to certain Iwi, Tribes and Villages. To copy, use or wear Taa Moko, the tribal design and pattern of another person, is to claim that individual’s identity, and therefore is highly inappropriate on all levels. However, you are most welcomed to copy, use, and wear all of the designs in this book. None of these designs are specific to any one person’s identity.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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