Mehndilicious - Henna Inspired Cake Designs by Neeta Sharma

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Mehndilicious is a fun and creative collection of henna inspired cake designs! Neeta Sharma has given us 15 pages with 30 designs for cakes and cupcakes. Included are cake designs inspired by traditional Indian, Moroccan, Khaleeji, and Indo-Arabic patterns.

Some of the design elements featured include:
-a huge variety of Indian fills
-many different border elements
-butterfly, koi fish, hamsas
-6-pointed stars that are perfect for bat mitzvahs
-many different vines and flowers
...and more!

If you have always wanted to apply your henna techniques and skills to cake decorating, but have not known where to start, Mehndilicious is the book for you. Each design is shown on the type of cake it is intended to be put on, and the designs are the perfect balance of easy to follow and beautifully intricate.

You'll find these designs to be very easily and directly used for henna-inspired cake decoration, but you'll also see a lot of concepts that you will probably want to use in your work in henna on skin, too!

Here is a free sample henna inspired cake design from the Mehndilicious:

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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