Men Hands Henna Templates - Man Masculine Palm Outline - Mehndi Menna Men-di Draw Your Own Designs Blank Hand Illustrations

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Five different outline drawings of men's hands, presented singly and in pairs for a total of nine pages of templates. Great for drawing out designs to offer to men / grooms, "menna", "men-di" etc. Includes both palms and backs of hands, just the hand itself, with the wrist, and with forearm. These come in full page (8.5x11") printable resolution. We hope they are helpful to you as you work towards creating some examples of designs meant to appeal specifically to grooms and other men. You can use them with Procreate, Photoshop, or other digital drawing tools on your iPad etc, or print and draw on them win pens. We recommend Pilot G2 pens for physical drawing, and our Procreate Virtual Henna Cone Brush for digital drawing.

These images, once purchased, are not watermarked, so that you can use them when creating your own drawings for use in your business and add your own branding once you have done so. You are granted a license to use these templates as a basis for your own henna designs, and may share those designs online or in your own printed books as long as you have added at least as much linework for the designs as was drawn to create the hand shapes for the templates themselves. 


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