Roses and Pearls - Henna Designs by Alia Khan

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Do you love Alia Khan's beautiful Indo-Khaleeji fusion style, but wish she had more designs for feet, legs, backs, arms, shoulders, etc? Your wish has been granted! Roses and Pearls is the companion book to the popular Petals and Lace, featuring 18 designs for feet and legs, 4 upper body designs, and 4 hand designs, for a total of 26 beautiful patterns.

Alia's Artist Introduction:
Roses and Pearls is a collection of trendy and stylish henna designs. You will find elegant Gulf designs, fusion Indo-Khaleeji designs, delicate lace inspired designs and beautiful jewelry style designs in this book. If you want to learn all these trendy styles of henna, this book is the right choice! Learn and enjoy this beautiful form of art and inspire the world around you. Happy hennaing!

Free sample design from Roses and Pearls:

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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