Saffron - Designs for Eid - By Alia Kahn

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Saffron - Designs for Eid is Saudi Arabian henna designer Alia Khan's newest collection of elegant designs, perfect for Eid! As saffron brings a unique, delicate, and instantly recognizable flavor to a wide array of sweet and savory dishes at Eid, this newest collection represents a wide range of henna designs that are all flavored by Alia's unique signature style - a combination of Indian and Persian elements, with a strong nod to tradition, infused with an elegant modern sensibility. Saffron contains 23 full hand henna designs that are especially well suited to doing for friends and family for Eid celebrations, or any intimate gathering. Brides who are looking for lighter coverage will find beautiful inspiration in these designs as well.

Free sample design from Saffron:

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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