Square Armor - case for Square credit card reader

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Product Overview

Square Armor protects your Square credit card reader from damage, while also making it easy to carry it wherever your business takes you!

Just carry Square Armor on your keychain, and open up the clip for quick and easy access to your Square credit card reader. With Square Armor keeping your Square safely accessible at all time, you'll never be without the ability to swipe a credit card just when you need it most!

Made of lightweight yet strong aluminum, this metal case is a wonderful protector for your fragile Square.

Don't have a Square credit card reader yet? Get a FREE Square reader, plus free processing on your first $1,000 in transactions, here:

Square Armor fits the standard (magstripe) card readers that are currently sold in retail outlets, as pictured above.

Square Armor is made by hand in a workshop in the USA.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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