Trendy Mehndi - By Heather Caunt-Nulton

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Trendy Mehndi is a collection of those designs that teens WILL NOT stop asking you for this year (or next year, if you're in one of those areas where trends hit late). Infinity symbols, flying birds, cherries, anchors and more! There are 26 designs trending in 2013 on these 3 pages. By pricing these babies high, you'll do yourself a favor by helping the money pile up, and you'll do henna a favor by hopefully convincing at least some teens to go for something more artful that will be a better bargain :)

It's tough to say "that infinity symbol that took me 5 seconds to draw will be $10, please"....but if the sticker on the page in your book says it for you, it is MUCH easier.

Your copy of Trendy Mehndi pays for itself more than three-fold after the FIRST design you do out of it.
(Please, for the love of henna, do NOT do these designs for $5. They start at $10.)

Some of the designs in here were created as JOKES mocking the trends (ie the infinity sign with an anchor where kids were writing "love" all of last year... twists on goofier quotes from childhood films...) And those are, we are both pleased and mortified to report, some of the most popular ones.

We wanted to get this out to you at the beginning of the festival season, but we were too darn busy hennaing a bazillion infinity symbols with anchors, dandelions poofing off into a gajillion little birds, etc, to actually get around to the final editing stages until just now.
Be amused! Be appalled! Most importantly, be fat in the pockets :) Keep it as a record of "I remember that year! The infinity madness!! Stop the insanity!!" for future nostalgia purposes.

Look for Trendy Mehndi 2014 much earlier next season for another probably disturbing representation of What Those Crazy Kids Are Into These Days, from Artistic Adornment Trend Forecasting Central.

Designs drawn out by Heather Caunt-Nulton, provided mostly courtesy of the Teenage Hive Mind. Cover by Danny Roberts.

For the latest edition in this series, Trendy Mehndi 2014, click here.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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