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The Maori Tribal peoples of Aotearoa-New Zealand have always understood that symbols worn on the skin posses the positive spiritual power to shield, heal and manifest. Contained within this publication are Universal, Elemental and Nature based symbols which have been combined to form "Tribal Style" patterns. These patterns are gifted in Aroha for use by all. By using intuition as your guide you will be able to select a design specific to your needs or create pattern combinations that will be a unique expression of your personal story. All designs are intended be worn on the skin in various mediums and some suggestions include Tattoo and Henna. With the exception of the Ear Guardians – Kaitiaki all designs have been left undirected of placement and maybe positioned upon the body where ever the artist or wearer chooses. May your creative talents be inspired, flourish and expand into the universal flow of Wairua Aroha that connects us all. Arohanui

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