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How can you get henna while you and your artist are practicing social distancing?

Virtual Henna is the answer!

Virtual Henna allows henna artists to connect with their clientelle, even when one or both of them are unable to meet up in person. It began as a silly notion to celebrate (or at least make the best of) what we love-hatingly refer to as Everything is Cancelled Month (March through April, 2020, as COVID-19 hits the hardest in the US).

Virtual Henna is a way for us to still maintain a fun little bit of social interaction in the face of all of the isolation that comes from social distancing, quarantining, and the very correct request that we all Stay The Heck At Home.

As henna artists, we all relish the sense of human connection and community that comes from helping people celebrate life and love, by sitting with each person we decorate one-on-one. 

Virtual Henna is our way to “sit with” you for a moment, from afar. 
Plus, what a cool physical artifact from these crazy times to look back on, right??? ('Cuz you're going to print it out and hang it, right? Right :) ) 

But mostly, Virtual Henna is a joke, and a way you can support a henna artist whose events have all been cancelled due to COVID-19 for the foreseeable future.


How to send your hand photo:
Reply to your order confirmation email with the photo attached, along with either a brief description of what you'd like or a note that you'd like to be surprised.
When we were doing this on Instagram and Facebook, we had a sliding scale for Virtual Hennas, so that those who were unemployed because of the crisis could still participate. If you'd like to shoot us an email at, we can still arrange that.
The online shopping cart thing, while very efficient, just doesn't really allow for it.


Pro hand selfie tip: Hold your hand up straight in front of you, as far out in front of you as you can, fingers pointing straight up to the ceiling/sky. Hold your phone (or camera...) as far back from that as you reasonably can, keeping it parallel. This way, you will avoid foreshortening and making your fingers look shorter and squatter than they actually are. Or, to make your fingers look longer than they actually are, point the camera at your fingertips, with your wrist and forearm going back into the background (getting skinnier!...)
Your Virtual Henna artist didn't take endless RISD continuing ed classes for nothin'!...


Are you a fellow henna artist who thinks this Virtual Henna thing is pretty cool? will continue to grow if this pandemic continues to keep us at home - let me know if you want to be listed.
And if you've got's the special henna-cone-like brush I made for it.
Here's an audio story from Artscape on The Public's Radio, with Heather Caunt-Nulton's Virtual Henna, The Vox Hunters, and The Gamm Theater



(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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